Voyage gives back to the community

As a member of the community, Voyage FCU takes pride in bettering the community in any way possible. Employees volunteer in various activities through the year, including fund raisers, giveaways, donation drives, building homes, blood drives, and so much more.

Avera Race Against Breast Cancer

On May 10th our team embraced the cause at the Avera Breast Cancer race and participated in the day's festivities. While participants were there they took a pic in front of our "hashtag wall" and were encouraged to connect with us online and share their stories about their fight.

Habitat for Humanity

For the second year now, Voyage Federal Credit Union has joined forces with six of our business partners to help build and renovate homes over the next six months.On November 6th, Voyage FCU donated $500 to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls after all the participation in raising not only funds but awareness for this great cause.


Sioux Falls Area Humane Society

We were excited to kickoff our third cause for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and delightfully called it, " 75 Days of Fur". We had a booth at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society on October 11th, October 25th, and November 15th and asked people to get their picture taken in front of our wall! The credit union was pleased to present a check for $500 after hundreds of photos, “Shares” on social media and dozens of stories submitted to help out the furry friends at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

We will donate $1 to breast cancer research for every...


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Max of $500

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Who are you fighting for?


You really saved my skin with this innmioatrof. Thanks!


I fight for my friends!  As a survivor I understand how a diagnosis like this can change your life in a moment  and you feel like you want to be frozen in time.  Once you hear the diagnosis, you know your life is going to take you on a new journey.  I am sick, so sick, of hearing of another friend being diagnosed - three in the past month and today hearing of one of my friends loosing the battle.  Finding a cure is something we need, not only for the person diagnosed but for the family that has to live through it..... with us..... and without us........pl


In November 2009 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This was only 3 weeks after my first grandson was born. My grandmother also had breast cancer while she was in her late 40's. This was a very dramatic time for me as my daughter (the mother of my grandson) was in the Military and her Unit was scheduled to deploy to Iraq on December 10th. This meant that my husband and I would be taking care of our new grandson. Fortunately for us, our daughter could not pass the physical tests required-as she just had a baby-and could not be deployed. She would remain state side in what they call Rear Detachment.

I went through a bilateral Mastectomy January 1st. I had a terrible time getting my body to heal. Between January and February I had 3 more surgeries to try and correct the complications I was having. I had one breast that the skin would not heal. This in turn pushed back starting my Chemotherapy. Both of my surgeons decided to remove my implant and let the area heal. After 3 weeks I was finally able to start my Chemo. Also during this 3 weeks, my daughter was deployed to Texas for 30 days for training. We were in charge of our grandson during all this.

Once our daughter returned, things started going according to plan. Chemo every 3 weeks is very tiring on your body. As I did not have enough sick time through my work, I cut back on my hours but continued to work during all this. August came and I was finally done. I was weak, hairless and happy at the same time!

My main support came from my family and close friends. I constantly focused on my new grandson. I continue on a healthy road now. Checkups every 6 months. Life altering is what cancer does to a person. It makes you look at life in a totally different perspective and makes you gratefull. Gratefull that we have the best team of Oncologists and Surgeons right here in our own town!


So many people are affected by breast cancer that I did this for them. They are the success, they are the determination. Amy Erickson you were an amazing person as are all the survivors, my walk is nothing.


We have no time to wait.

We need to find a way.

We all have this hate.

We want our freinds to stay.

A simple task, destroy cancer.


Cancer sucks! I am fighting because too many people I love and care about have suffered from cancer. My mom. My dad. A co-worker. My dear friend Niki Jane. I met Niki Jane 6 years ago, and she meant so much to so many. She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother to 2 teenagers, a special ed teacher, a friend. She was so beautiful, inside and out, so spirited, witty and feisty. Sadly, at age 40, she lost her fight against breast cancer.

So I fight.  Because I can.  I fight for those I've lost.  I fight for those I love.  I fight for the day when we all do not have to fight anymore. Cancer sucks!


I am fighting for love. I am fighting for the opportunity of vacations as well as the idea of home improvements. I am fighting to enjoy the taste of chicken again.

I am fighting for the simple pleasures and precious moments that have been stolen by cancer. I am fighting for life.

I am fighting for him.

Click the Donate Now button to make your own donation to the Avera Cancer Institute!

We will donate $1 to building homes for every...


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Tabetha - Raven Industries

Had so much fun helping out! Learning how to hang siding was a great experience! Awesome people to teach us and help build a family a home! Can't wait for the opportunity to do it again! Thank you Voyage!

Tammy - Raven Industries

I had a great time working on a HFH home last evening!

My "moment" really didn't come until the next morning while in the car, taking my 10-year-old to school.  She said - "Mom, I want to help you work on that house".  How awesome!


I had a great experience helping with the houses. Meet Molly and Scott super people. I had more fun and enjoyed volunteering more than I thought which is awesome. I knew it would be good but it energized me and gave me a great feeling. It was real nice working with the future tenets and got to know my coworkers better. Win win. Overall fantastic experience.


It was really fun working on the Habitat house. Instead of drywall we got to put up siding. It was fun to volunteer and help out in the community. Will volunteer again next year. Molly and Scott were wonderful. We volunteered with Raven. We got to pick either a water bottle or coffee mug for helping out.

Kelley - Avera

We didn't know what to expect and felt a little awkward, but Molly was a welcoming presence and a delight. We hauled trusses into the house and then put them up. Scott was so patient with us and everybody was willing to do what it took to get the job done. Scott kept walking on the trusses just barely hanging on and it made me so nervous. Malory kept us all laughing the whole time and made the experience SUPER rewarding. We are definitely going to volunteer again --- just not this weekend. A little sore still! We met the future owner and he was so appreciative and kind. I am so happy we gave to this cause!

Mary at CenturyLink

I have loved Habitat for Humanity since first learning about them after doing a paper in business school.  I love seeing the community come together to help others, and that the way this organization makes it possible for people to invest their own sweat into building a home for themselves and their family.  It's a wonder model - and it's an honor to participate. Thank you to CenturyLink and to Voyage Federal Credit Union for making this possible.


I have always wanted to donate my time to a cause like Habitat. Having almost zero knowledge of building homes was always my excuse. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that didn't matter to anyone, and the crew was very informative and helpful.

I plan on volunteering more and more - and cannot wait to see what I can help out with next.



I didn't think I was going to be much help when I desided to get up early on a Saturday morning to help build a home. To my own suprise I was alert and energetic. Nothing gets the blood flowing like using power tools and putting in floor trusses.

Donating time for a good cause gives you that overall warm fuzzy feeling. This is something that I would like to continue to do more and more of.


This had to be the first time anyone has ever been happy about contracting a bug and being dirty. The "bug" I am talking about is what Habitat volunteers call it because you get addicted to helping and building for others. Hence, the Habitat bug! This was a great event, wonderful fellow volunteers and thanks to Orion for the free pizza! Great way to spend a nice summer evening!

Amanda P

Habitat is doing a build across the street from my home, and my employer was sending teams to the build. I was able to help for a short time one Saturday and it was a great experience. It really helped me feel connected to the people who would be living there! The next week, I saw the future homeowners stop by the house one evening. Having worked on the house gave me the courage to be friendly and go introduce myself and talk to them about the house--something I probably wouldn't have done otherwise. My experience helping with the Habitat made my neighborhood stronger and friendlier!

We will donate $1 to SF Humane Society for every...


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Thanks to everyone that stopped out to the SF Humane society on Saturday for the 75 Days of Fur!!!  It was really fun seeing all of the people looking for they're next best furry friend!!  All of the dogs were excited and full of licks and tail wags as we took photos of them!!  Very fun day!!



Thank you to everyone who came and supported the Humane Society last weekend. Molly and I had a great time meeting people and taking pictures of the furry creatures! What a great cause, to support a place that takes care of animals who have no place else to go. I have 2 dogs at home, but my fiance and I still like to go to the Humane Society to walk the dogs every now and then. It's amazing how long some of the dogs have been there when they are so darn adorable! I would take all of them if I could! smile If you missed last Saturday, feel free to stop by on October 25th from 11:30-1:30pm for another Selfie Saturday event!


I am fighting for the staff and animals at the Sioux Falls Humane Society because that place has been a second home for me. Even though I left for college four years ago, I still love the Humane Society and will do anything in my power to help the staff and the animals there. I am fighting because I believe every animal deserves a forever home, but until then need food, shelter, and toys.

Danielle and JR

We couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to rescue both of our fur-babies from the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. They are so precious to us, and we wouldn't be a family without them. In the past 3 years, they've filled our house with so much joy and laughter. Thank you for filling our days with puppy kisses and chew toys!


This was such a fantastic event and I was so happy to be able to take pictures of all the wonderful dogs! Nobody misbehaved although a couple liked to face the wrong way! Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting such a great organization like the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society!

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