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Are you ready for the big switch?

Hopefully, you have activated your brand-new, upgraded Voyage Visa® ATM/Debit Card!

How will this change work? Read on.

Your current blue Advantage Visa® ATM/Debit Card will be usable through Nov. 6
Starting Nov. 7, begin using your green Voyage Visa® ATM/Debit Card
When to activate your new card? Activate as soon as your card arrives!

You will have to use the old card until Monday, November 7th and then the new “GREEN” card will work.
We recommend keeping both of them in your wallet for an easy transition.

But wait – that’s not all…
There are also changes to our ATM network:

We are adding the Moneypass ATM network and removing the Advantage Network.

How will this change our networks? Read on.
Starting Nov. 7, Advantage Network ATMs will no longer be surcharge-free
Starting Nov. 7, Co-Op Network and Moneypass ATMs will be surcharge-free
That’s 55,000+ nationwide – and 65+ in the Sioux Falls area alone!

Finally, your new green Voyage Visa® ATM/Debit Card will have a chip for added security features. 
Your new green Voyage Visa® ATM/Debit Card will be outfitted with a gold chip, the latest security feature to store data more securely, protect against unauthorized access and reduce fraudulent or counterfeit transactions.
Helpful Tips! If you accidently destroyed your old “BLUE” card after activating your new “GREEN” card, please make sure to pull out cash or use checks until the new card can be used on Monday, November 7. Reminder! Our Lewis branch is open on Saturday’s from 9 – 12 a.m. If you misplaced the new “GREEN” card please call one of the branches to get another one sent out.
Thank you for being so patient during this transition and please know that all these changes are to better serve you, our membership with a more comprehensive, streamlined, tech savvy, and secure process.

Call 6053382533
Watch the mail – your new, green card is on its way!