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Voyage Federal Credit Union teaches class on credit to Brandon Valley High School Students

Wednesday, April 4th 2018. Sioux Falls, SD.

Last Thursday, amid snow showers and spring teasers, two staff members from Voyage FCU ventured east to the small town of Brandon to teach at the High School. Molly Brown and Pat Thill have teamed up over the past couple years to teach financial education classes around the area.

Brown speaks first, and takes care of the marketing for the credit union. She brings awareness to credit unions and breaks down the differences in products and services, focusing on how the structure is different compared to a bank.  Afterwards, she pauses for questions, and when she finishes exclaims with great enthusiasm to the students that this next speaker is, “a real treat.” She then introduces Pat Thill, but refrains from explaining the “treat”. Thill is a loan officer at the credit union and has over 30 years’ experience dealing with lending from financing and selling, having even opened his own dealership. Even beyond his considerable experience it is his demeanor that Brown finds priceless for an educator. “My number one reason for inviting Pat to teach is because he is super approachable, easy to work with, and on top of those things, a fountain of knowledge. Seriously, we’ve yet to see him stumped by a question” says Brown delightfully. Outside of the high school classroom, Thill has also taught at the community educational center located within Voyage’s newest branch at Dawley Farm Village on the eastside of Sioux Falls. Interested in a financial education class? Contact Molly with any areas of interest or visit their website for upcoming events HERE.

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