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Voyagers Share 12 Days of Thanks

“Tis the Season” of giving and it has been in full swing at Voyage as we just wrapped up our 12 Days of Thanks!  The Voyage Community Involvement Committee decided to change things up a bit this year and surprise 12 local organizations leading up to Thanksgiving with items from their wish lists or cash donations – depending on what was needed by each unique non-profit. It was a HUGE success!

The response from the organizations was just absolutely heart-warming and we even discovered that some of our members worked at these organizations which just made it doubly sweet. There are some great organizations in this list and if you don’t know about them, I would encourage you to learn a bit more…you even discover an opportunity to volunteer.

Here are the highlights from our 12 Days and the organizations we visited:

Day 1: Children’s Home Society – a variety of coloring books, crayons, glue sticks, books, etc.

Day2: The Alpha Center – diapers, wipes, diaper bag, baby clothes, bath supplies, etc.

Day 3: Bishop Dudley House – a variety of food supplies to serve their guests

Day 4: The Banquet – kitchen items from their wish list for the new Banquet West facility

Day 5: The Berakhah House – household items that will be provided when one of their guests is ready to move into their own home

Day 6: The Ronald McDonald House – food for guests, toys for Christmas gifts for the children, books, games, etc.

Day 7:Sioux Falls Area CASA – bottles of water, K-cups and some office supplies to help out their volunteers when they come in to work.

Day 8: Project Food Forest – $100 donation

Day 9: Boys & Girls Club of the Sioux Empire – $100 donation

Day 10: Multicultural Center – Colors, markers, paper, Nutri-Grain bars, etc.

Day 11: Lunch is Served – $100 donation

Day 12: St. Francis House – Supplies from their wish list such as Bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

It can be so easy for all of us to get wrapped up in our busy lives that we don’t always notice how much need there really is around us and also how simple it can be to help. Sometimes even a simple Thank You is all that is needed. This holiday season we encourage everyone to think about what you can do to help someone else out.  It sure does make the heart feel good.  May your holiday season be “Merry and Bright”!