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Come In: Voyage Is a Welcoming Credit Union

Voyage Federal Credit Union is a welcoming credit union. If you know anything about business and growth, you know that many, many businesses outgrow their customers when they reach a certain point. Yes, sure, almost all businesses say that customer service matters and that the customer comes first, but when you walk in the door, you get the real story. This is especially true in banking. 

The Bottom Line Is Not Always Welcoming

At some point, many banks decide that the bottom line is money and that the people they are really accountable to are their stockholders. And honestly, who can blame them? Stockholders in a bank expect constantly increasing profits, and, quite often, the best way to get constantly increasing profits is to make cuts that can, directly and indirectly, hurt their customers. Banks make a calculated, usually correct, assumption that their customers won’t leave even if they’re unhappy because it’s too inconvenient. 

Voyage Welcomes You

Fortunately, at Voyage, our priorities are “upside down.” We don’t have stockholders. We have members. This is who we answer to, you. We don’t answer to profits because we are nonprofit! This mere fact means that not only is customer service our top priority, it is our only priority. Serving our members as they are part of the Voyage family is ahead of everything we do.

Our driving force is to welcome you, to encourage you, to support you, and to equip you on your journey through life as it pertains to your money. At Voyage, we do this all in the interest of keeping you healthy, wealthy, and wise, at the very least as far as your financial portfolio goes. Voyage has built a solid reputation for showing up fully for our members to meet all of your banking needs and we are determined to continue forward in this endeavor. Onward, Voyager. 


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