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12 Days of Giving Recap

This season of giving has been extra special here at Voyage. We kicked off this year’s 12 Days of Giving wanting to show our appreciation for the essential workers and organizations that have helped hold our community together during these unprecedented times.

This year has definitely been one for the history books. The pandemic has been hard on our essential workers, businesses, and community members. To give back to our Sioux Falls community, our Community Involvement Committee uses 50% of the Skip a Pay processing fees to generate the 12 Days of Giving funds. Then the committee uses these funds towards items on the wish lists of 12 local organizations on the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Here are the highlights from our 12 Days of Giving:

Day 1: Essential Workers at Avera & Sanford – coffee gift cards


Day 2: Humane Society – pet supplies from their needs list

Day 3: Bishop Dudley Hospitality House – travel-sized hygiene products

Day 4: The Banquet Sioux Falls – items from their wish list


Day 5: Alpha Center Sioux Falls – baby items, new mom supplies, etc.


Day 6: VA of Sioux Falls – sweatshirts and sweatpants

Day 7: Essential Workers – Firefighters –  Flyboy donuts delivered to all 11 fire stations in town


Day 8: Bread Break MNH – gas gift cards for them to use while picking up and delivering food


Day 9: Sanford Children’s Hospital – activities, crafts, etc.

Day 10: CASA – office supplies, stamps, coffee


Day 11: Essential Workers – Police Officers – goodies from the Cookie Jar


Day 12: St. Francis House – items from their priority wish list


Day 13 (Bonus Day!): Lunch is Served – food items


We hope you take some time this holiday season to give back to our community in any way you can. If this year has taught us anything, it’s to be grateful for what we have, look out for others, and thank the front line and essential workers that have worked so hard this year. May your holiday season be healthy and bright!