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Top 5 Advantages of Online Banking

With online banking, there is no more waiting in line or having to drive out of your way to get to our credit union. There is only convenience, security, and simplicity for the customer. Here are the top 5 advantages of online banking.

    1. Convenience 

Users have access to their online accounts 24/7 with Wi-Fi and cellular data. They can view their account on a mobile device or computer. At Voyage Federal Credit Union we have a mobile banking app for both iOS and Android devices. Another great feature is that customers can deposit checks from anywhere, whether this is at work, home, or in the car! The immediate transfer is another benefit to online banking. You can easily check your bank account before making a transaction allowing you to transfer money from one account to another within seconds.

    2. Online Banking ensures security 

Knowing your account is secure is vital in today’s world. Online banking has numerous safeguards set in place. To log into your online banking account on your mobile app, face recognition is a feature Voyage offers to guarantee security. To log in on your computer, there is a series of security questions to ensure the authentication of the account. We also will send alerts if there is suspicious activity on your debit and credit cards.

    3.  Online Banking allows you easily view transactions 

Another amazing advantage of online banking is the simplicity that comes with viewing your activity. You can effortlessly view or download current or past bank statements. It is also simple to monitor day-to-day activity, making it easier to catch if there was a mistake, or if your account had suspicious activity. Online banking will also up your record-keeping game. It has never been easier to check and see how much a purchase was.

    4.  Paying bill with online bank account

Forget sending checks in the mail, pay your bills online with online banking! Most companies allow you to pay your bills online. Whether it’s your cell phone, internet, or utility bill, pay them online. It is also easy to schedule autopay for monthly charges you have, such as rent or a mortgage. 

Top-5-Benefits-of-Online Banking

    5.  Sync with Budget Applications 

Online banking can help you stay on budget by syncing with your budget applications. Budget apps like Mint, EveryDollar, and PocketGuard allow you to sync your banking information. Depending on which budget app you choose, they can track what category your transactions fall under, and can give you notifications when you go over your budget. If you have a partner or spouse, you can use apps that sync both of your information. Zeta, Honeydue, and PocketGuard are mobile apps that are designed to work well for couples. These apps sync to your bank account and each other’s information.

Learn more about the top 5 advantages of online banking, along with mobile banking at Voyage. Start online or give us a call at 605.338.2533.