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Voyage’s Online Banking Updates are Here!

Chris Asche, VP of Member Services, joins us back on the podcast to talk Voyage online banking updates and to answer your online banking questions. 

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What is online banking and how do you use it?

Online banking is a product that’s been around for a while now. You are able to do any banking needs that you have through our Voyage website or mobile app. It’s very easy to use as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet. 

What are some of the biggest changes to our online banking service? 

We launched our updated online banking platform on May 20th. We’re always looking for ways that we can upgrade our technology for our members. Some of the updates you will see are a much more modern look, better organization, and added products like Zelle®. Zelle®  is a person-to-person payment system that our members can take advantage of to send money to other users in real-time.

We also added a trends tab which is a personal finance management tool our members can take advantage of to help with budgeting and cash flows and to link external accounts like retirement or real estate. One of the biggest changes we made, was an added layer of security with out-of-band authentication. Plus, you’ll still have the features you love like remote deposit capture, bill pay, and e-statements. 

Online Banking with Chris Asche

What are some of the advantages of using online banking? 

The convenience factor. You don’t have to leave your home. Bank 24/7 when it’s most convenient to you. Members have access to their money anytime, anywhere. 

How do you enroll in online banking? 

You can now enroll through our browser or through Voyage’s mobile app. You will need your member number and social security number to enroll. 

How is online banking different from traditional banking? 

You can see all of your accounts and loans both online and mobile. The biggest difference is instant access. You can bank from anywhere, even if you move! We even have members in Hawaii and Alaska!

Are there any safety issues or concerns with our online banking? 

By adding extra layers of security like out-of-band authentication, you can rest easy when you bank online with Voyage. We try to protect our members the best we can. There are always things our members can do to protect themselves and their information as well. Make sure you are logging into a secure network. Also, make sure your log-ins and passwords are unique and as secure as possible. 

What are some common questions you get asked about the online banking platform? 

The biggest questions we get from our members are what else are we going to be adding. We are currently working on a project to allow members the ability to open up accounts online. Be on the lookout for that! We’re also looking to get CardWalet integrated into our app. It will allow members to manage their debit cards through our Voyage app. Set parameters of where your card can be used, shut off your card, and more. We will continue to look for new products and services we can offer our members online. 

Learn more about our Voyage online banking updates. The same great service, online! Contact us with any questions.