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Benefits of Digital Banking

As technology continues to advance and everything becomes more accessible through your cell phone the way you manage your finances is no different. The financial industry also continues to innovate through mobile and online banking apps. It is user-friendly, simple, convenient, and a flexible way to manage your finances anytime and anywhere. 

Voyage FCU offers its members online services in just a few clicks on your laptop or phone. The following are just a few benefits of managing your finances through mobile and online apps. 

Managing your Finances Wherever You Need

In the wake of Covid-19, consumers accelerated the use of digital banking, even those who were less digitally savvy. Managing your finances through mobile and online apps gives you the freedom to do everyday tasks without coming into Voyage FCU.

You are able to manage your finances from the comfort of your home, at work, on vacation, in the car, or anywhere that you need to. It’s as simple as logging in to your mobile or online account and in just a few clicks you’re able to deposit checks, pay bills, and transfer funds. According to an article written by Forbes, roughly three in four Americans have used their financial institution’s mobile app within the last year for everyday banking needs. 

Digital Banking Features 

Mobile and online banking apps are also rich with different features. For example, Voyage FCU offers remote deposit capture, BillPay, Zelle®, and LoanPay (which allows you to make payments on your loan without having the full online banking login that a primary member might have) and budgeting tools to help you manage your finances. Secure Messaging is also a feature Voyage FCU offers. Members can securely message a Voyage team member through the mobile banking app or online banking and we will respond to them through our online tools. 

Voyage offers remote deposit capture, BillPay, Zelle, LoanPay, and budgeting tools to help you manage your finances


Security is the main priority for financial institutions, which is also incorporated into mobile and online banking. Many credit unions make it easy to take extra security measures when it comes to digital account management. Mobile apps now allow you to multi-factor authentication, fingerprints, voice recognition, or facial recognition to keep your information safe.

Additionally, many financial institutions are also sending new notifications if it spots a login from an unknown device. It has been reported that consumers find digital payments and e-wallets offer more security in some cases than a physical card. 


In today’s world, convenience is key! People want instant gratification and instantaneous action. With many online and mobile banking services, consumers can have just that. In just a few clicks or swipes they can transfer funds, pay bills, digitally deposit a check, set up automatic payments, etc.

The convenience of banking anywhere helps to empower our members to confidently be in control of their finances on their own terms.

Check out our website to learn more about Voyage FCU’s mobile and online banking options. You can enroll in minutes to manage your finances anytime, anywhere.