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About Voyage

We're Called Voyage for a Reason

What do telephones, a bakery and a hospital have in common? Learn how all three play a part in our story.


We’re with you on your journey


At Voyage, we’re committed to helping you with every step of your financial journey, from your first home purchase to a sunny retirement. When you step into one of our branches, you’ll be greeted with a smile and a simple question, “how can we help?” No matter the answer, we’ve got a solution. We know we can find a way to help you realize your big dreams and go places you’ve never been to before.



Here’s a look back at ours




The people of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company come together to charter a new credit union, and call it Sioux Falls Bell Federal Credit Union.


Elsewhere, Midwest Partners Federal Credit Union gets chartered by the people of Metz Baking Company.



Metz/Mckennan Federal Credit Union is formed through the merge of Midwest Partners and Mckennan Hospital Employee Federal Credit Unions.


Metz/Mckennan changes its name back to Midwest Partners Federal Credit Union due to expanding membership and to better reflect key sponsors.


Sioux Falls Bell shortens its name and broadens membership opportunities to Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties as Bell Federal Credit Union.


This one is kind of a big deal. It’s where all three histories start a new one altogether. Midwest Partners and Bell combine in a new partnership. This came through approval by the National Credit Union Administration and a membership vote by the people of Midwest Partners Federal Credit Union. The past names were out, and let’s be honest, they were quite a mouthful. In reflection of where we came from and where we will go with our members, we became Voyage Federal Credit Union.

It’s a refreshingly uncomplicated name for the simple, straightforward banking service we offer to our members in their unique journeys through life.