Did You Know?

Posted Apr 15, 2019 in

Did you know the very first credit union opened its doors in Germany in 1880 in an effort to help poor and working class citizens so they didn’t need to turn to other scrupulous methods to get help. 

Something you probably do know is that credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives (that means as a member, you are an owner!) that serve the needs of their members by delivering benefits in the form of higher savings returns, lower rates and less fees. Sounds like a good deal to me! Now I know what you are thinking, what is different from a credit union to a bank? Well credit unions are insured and regulated just like banks are, but banks are controlled by shareholders and exist to basically make money for those shareholders. Credit unions on the other hand, exist to provide members with safe and affordable financial services. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Voyage FCU right here in Sioux Falls or another CU here or in another state or region, we are all driven by the same mission and structure regardless of size, services offered or location – People Helping People.

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Tidying Up Your Home and Your Finances

Posted Feb 13, 2019 in

If you have been hibernating in this cold weather and Netflixing while dreaming of spring, then you probably have heard of Marie Kondo and whether you are on board or not with her methods, it does spark an important question, (get what I did there? Spark a question….watch the show if you don’t quite get it) does all this stuff make us happy?

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Change is on the Horizon!

Posted Jan 04, 2019 in

Voyage Members:

It is bittersweet to be posting this notice today as I announce that this will be my last year serving as CEO at Voyage, as I will be retiring at the end of 2019.  While I will miss all of you and our staff and the many industry friends, I am so excited to watch Voyage continue to thrive and grow under new leadership in the coming years.  It gives me great pleasure to also let you know that our very own COO, Jeff Schmidt, has been appointed as CEO-elect by your Board of Directors, and will assume the role of CEO effective January 1, 2020. 

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Time to make some financial resolutions

Posted Jan 03, 2019 in

Well, another year has arrived and for many people health is always a top priority.  Regular gym goers are annoyed by the onslaught of people who are so excited to kick off the new year on a healthy note only for it to all fizzle out by February, and for some they don’t even make it through January!  Let’s be honest though, that sure makes the regular gym goers happy to be able to get back to a normal routine again. What if January looked differently?

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Voyagers Share 12 Days of Thanks

Posted Nov 30, 2018 in

“Tis the Season” of giving and it has been in full swing at Voyage as we just wrapped up our 12 Days of Thanks!  The Voyage Community Involvement Committee decided to change things up a bit this year and surprise 12 local organizations leading up to Thanksgiving with items from their wish lists or cash donations - depending on what was needed by each unique non-profit. It was a HUGE success!

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Stay Smart and Safe While Holiday Shopping

Posted Nov 21, 2018 in

I don't know about you, but I grew up in a time when the Christmas season really was “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. I can hear the song ringing through my head even now! While I still hold strong to the idea that it is the hap-happiest time of the year (if you know the song you will get this line), times have changed and many of us do our holiday shopping online without a second thought.  While it sure makes things wonderful in the moment it can come with some not so wonderful consequences if you aren’t being careful. As Black Friday keeps creeping closer, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips to make sure your holiday shopping doesn't leave you needing a “Miracle on 34th St”. 

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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Posted Nov 09, 2018 in

I sure hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming…dun dun dun! I may not be a big Game of Thrones fan, but I have heard that ominous statement many times throughout social media and seeing as how it is November and we live in South Dakota it seemed appropriate. Since we have established that winter is indeed coming and unless a move to parts where the sun shines bright all year long is in your near future, you may be interested in some great ideas for winterizing your vehicle.  Don’t worry I didn’t just make them up either as I was able to find some great information at that you can find summarized below. 

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Voyaging into Retirement

Posted Oct 22, 2018 in

Are you prepared for retirement?
Maybe that question makes you say, that’s so far away I can’t even think about it right now! Or maybe you hear that question and cringe, thinking…if only I would have started my savings earlier then I wouldn’t be so worried about those so called “Golden Years”.  Or maybe you are somewhere in between.  No matter your age or current situation regarding retirement planning – it is never too late to get started or to review where you are at and ensure that you are on the right path to meet your retirement goals.  Wait, that means you actually have to establish retirement goals as well.  Sound complicated and overwhelming to think about? In honor of National Retirement Security Week, here are some simple tips to help you on your journey…and don’t worry, if you need more help it is only a phone call or email away!

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Find Your Platinum Lining in Credit Unions

Posted Oct 12, 2018 in

Each year  since 1948, credit unions across the globe unite to celebrate what we do and why we exist during International Credit Union Day.  It is a time to celebrate the credit union difference and to recognize the contributions that credit unions make every day in the lives of their members and their communities worldwide. A time to recognize the credit union difference in our own community here in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.  

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Voyage FCU Awarded $1500 in Scholarships at our Annual Meeting

Posted May 22, 2018 in Events

To help members pursue additional education, Voyage Federal Credit Union awarded  $1,500 in scholarships at their Annual Meeting held May 15, 2018.  Scholarships were awarded to both graduating high school seniors and undergraduate college students.

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Voyage Federal Credit Union teaches class on credit to Brandon Valley High School Students

Posted Apr 30, 2018 in Giving Back

Wednesday, April 4th 2018. Sioux Falls, SD.

Last Thursday, amid snow showers and spring teasers, two staff members from Voyage FCU ventured east to the small town of Brandon to teach at the High School. Molly Brown and Pat Thill have teamed up over the past couple years to teach financial education classes around the area.

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Voyage FCU Teaches Financial Education for New Habitat for Humanity Families

Posted Mar 13, 2018 in Giving Back

Located within the new Habitat for Humanity Restore Annex is a classroom where people like Molly Brown, the marketing coordinator from Voyage Federal Credit Union, teach courses to the new Habitat for Humanity families. Brown’s course last week was over financial education, and her audience for the hour and a half discussion included the six new families that will be building their homes through Habitat for Humanity-Greater Sioux Falls in 2018.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score

Posted Feb 09, 2018 in News

Almost no one is perfect when it comes to credit scores. The average score for Americans has been inching up over the past decade and is now close to 700. Many lenders consider that a good number, but the highest possible score is 850,  according to Fair Isaac Corp., or FICO, which developed some of the most widely used models for credit scoring. The lowest possible score is 300.

So how can you nudge your score higher?

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We Granted Wishes for the Holidays!

Posted Dec 22, 2017 in Giving Back

For the past few years, Voyage Federal Credit Union has taken part in the Volunteers of America-Dakota’s angel tree version of gifting wishes called the, “Spirit Tree”. For each tag on the tree a different “wish” is filled out, and this year Voyage FCU granted 60 wishes!

Over the course of a month, the employees were given time to purchase the gifts for the Spirit Tree, making a direct and meaningful contribution to those members of their community that happened to find themselves in a place of need this Holiday season. This is just one more way that the credit union supports their community and, one of their old SEG groups. If interested in finding out more regarding the Spirit Tree, please contact Meg at


Posted May 18, 2017 in News

Because every journey is different! We truly believe this tagline of ours—especially now, as our journey is taking us eastward to Dawley Farm Village. Our Dawley Branch is now under construction with an updated design unlike anything you’ve seen at our other branches. The planned opening is set for Thursday, June 1st and we will be closing our Lewis Branch on May 24th to get ready.

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Posted Feb 27, 2017 in News


Congratulations, new mom or dad! Now take out the checkbook, because your bundle of joy comes with a bundle of new expenses. But all those day care costs

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Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Posted Jan 27, 2017 in News

From building equity to giving you a chance to settle down and plant roots, homeownership comes with potential benefits that renting simply doesn't offer. Among them are several tax advantages worth knowing about.

Here's a quick look at how to make the most of those tax deductions.

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New Year’s Resolution – Evaluate your Insurance Needs!

Posted Dec 19, 2016 in News

New Year’s Resolution – Saving Money on Car & Home Insurance

Have you made any resolutions for 2017? A common resolution for many people is to save more money throughout the year.

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Are you ready for the big switch?

Posted Nov 04, 2016 in News

Hopefully, you have activated your brand-new, upgraded Voyage Visa® ATM/Debit Card!

How will this change work? Read on.

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International Credit Union Day Celebrates The Authentic Difference

Posted Oct 13, 2016 in Events

International Credit Union Day Celebrates The Authentic Difference

On October 20, 2016, credit unions around the world will celebrate International Credit Union Day (ICU Day). Voyage Federal Credit Union will celebrate by giving away goodies, gifts and having a raffle sign up at all the branches!

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, offering the same services as other financial institutions, but with a people-first philosophy. Since 1948, on the third Thursday of every October,

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Our Habitat Builds in September

Posted Sep 28, 2016 in Giving Back

Last week ended the 4th year of Habitat for Humanity builds that Voyage Federal Credit Union and 6 of their business partners have been involved in. Our partner for last week’s build was Lewis Drug and the week prior we worked with Raven Industries. The summer heat was lingering into September

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Voyage is Headed East

Posted Sep 27, 2016 in News

We Just Broke Ground on Our New Location in Eastern Sioux Falls

At Voyage Federal Credit Union (FCU), we put our members first. Now more than 10,000 members strong, we’re making new efforts to usher in a new era in the credit union’s history. That’s why we’re moving our branch from Lewis Drug on Sycamore Avenue and 26th Street to the Dawley Farms development, opening Spring 2017.

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Voyage builds with Avera

Posted Sep 07, 2016 in Giving Back

“She looks comfortable” muttered an Avera volunteer as her face grew increasingly more pale. Slowly she started pointing to a girl on top of narrow scaffolding fifteen feet above her in the air. The girl was walking like a squirrel across a power line, with little worry about how high up she was. “She better be, she does it all the time”, responded a laughing Molly Brown, the marketing coordinator for Voyage Federal Credit Union. The girl walking up top was Miranda Moss, Brown’s good friend and a staple (no pun intended)

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Building homes for Habitat alongside CenturyLink

Posted Aug 02, 2016 in Giving Back

Sioux Falls, SD-Voyage Federal Credit Union, along with friends and family members of their business partner CenturyLink, came together last week to build homes for Habitat For Humanity. This is the fourth year for

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605 Summer Classic

Posted Jul 01, 2016 in Events

Over the past two years, Voyage Federal Credit Union has been present at one of the larger music festivals in the area, the “605 Summer Classic”. The two day event

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Voyage builds homes for Habitat with Orion Foods

Posted Jun 29, 2016 in Giving Back

Sioux Falls, SD-Voyage Federal Credit Union, along with friends and family of their business partner Orion Foods, came together last week to build homes for Habitat For Humanity. This is the fourth year for the “Dream Team” that consist of 6 business partners of the credit union taking on 6 months of builds.

This last Wednesday Orion employees showed up with pizza

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Voyage is now part of the Small Business Administration (SBA)

Posted Jun 01, 2016 in News

Voyage is now proud to be a part of the Small Business Administration (SBA) . The SBA helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses by utilizing an extensive network of field offices and partnerships between public and private organizations. The SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam. For more information, please contact our Business Service Officer, Peter at 605.977.5743 or email at

Here are some advantages to SBA Lending:

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10 Tips to Get a Home Ready for Sale

Posted Apr 22, 2016 in News


10 Tips to Get a Home Ready for Sale

Preparing to sell your home can be difficult. You have to create enough ambiance so that buyers can envision themselves living there but make sure it's not so cluttered that all they see is you. Make some changes inside and out to get top dollar for your abode.

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Best Ways to Fund Spring Home Repairs

Posted Mar 24, 2016 in News

Now that spring has blossomed into full-on allergy mode, the time we spend outside is even more appreciated — especially with the help of a good antihistamine. The next time you venture out, take a moment to do a walk-around inspection of the old homestead. See some room for improvements? Maintaining, repairing and upgrading a home can range in cost from a minor trickle to a major cash drain.

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Voyage FCU Earns Dora Maxwell Award

Posted Mar 07, 2016 in News

Recently, we were recognized with a first place Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award during the Credit Union National Association’s Governmental Affairs Conference that was held in Washington, DC February 21 – 25, 2016.

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Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Posted Feb 19, 2016 in News

From building equity to giving you a chance to settle down and plant roots, homeownership comes with potential benefits that renting simply doesn't offer. Among them are several tax advantages worth knowing about.

Here's a quick look at how to make the most of those tax deductions.

Deducting mortgage interest

Unless you recently won the lottery,

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Holidays are here and it’s time to give back!

Posted Dec 01, 2015 in Events, Giving Back

Image for Holidays are here and it's time to give back!

This year at Voyage we are expanding one of our most beloved Holiday events, Santa’s visit!  As tradition, Santa will be arriving on the first Friday of December to meet kids of all ages and grant their holiday wishes. However, we have decided this is a great opportunity

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3rd Season of Habitat Wraps Up!

Posted Sep 30, 2015 in Giving Back

Last week marked the end of our 3rd season working with Habitat for Humanity and six of our business partners. Our volunteers had the privilege of helping a couple amazing families work on their first home in Sioux Falls. The last two groups of volunteers were from Lewis Drug. The volunteers met up on both Wednesday evening and Saturday morning,

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We donated $200 to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society!

Posted Sep 23, 2015 in Giving Back

We joined forces with Sioux Falls Area Humane Society for a second year in a row to raise money and awareness for the resident critters. Over the past couple years

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Posted Sep 21, 2015 in News

If you’re particularly adept at noticing things, you may have picked up on the fact that there have been a few changes to our website lately. Let’s break it down:

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Miracle Jeans Day

Posted Sep 11, 2015 in Giving Back

Our staff raised $200 for the kiddos during Miracle Jeans Day. The employees enjoyed sporting jeans for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Thanks to everyone that participated!

Habitat with Avera

Posted Aug 24, 2015 in Giving Back

Blisters. And blood. And mud. Oh my!  These were some comments I heard when I asked our wonderful volunteers from Avera what they thought of their experience after this Habitat build. The crew from Avera claimed to be amateurs, but

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Voyage FCU Visits the 605 Summer Classic

Posted Jul 10, 2015 in Events

With glow sticks and bubbles in tow, Voyage Federal Credit Union (FCU) made its first appearance at the 605 Summer Classic in downtown Sioux Falls in June. It was great community exposure for our staff, and we had a wonderful time engaging the attendees. Plus, those bubbles came in handy in helping the kids take their minds off the heat.

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Habitat Build with Orion Foods

Posted Jul 02, 2015 in Giving Back

Last week we built for Habitat with our Orion partners and volunteers from the Habitat restore. Upon arriving, we gathered around the pizza and cookies donated by Orion and introduced ourselves. As we were munching, Scott, our foreman introduced the other supervisors and explained what we would be doing for the evening.

Our first task was framing out a couple walls and organizing

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KELOLAND News Story: Credit Union’s Gas Giveaway

Posted Jun 05, 2015 in News

SIOUX FALLS, SD - A federal credit union in Sioux Falls is being nationally recognized for its generosity in the community.  Voyage Federal Credit Union celebrated its 75th anniversary by giving away $75 every day for 75 straight days. One of those giveaways took place at a gas station.

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Posted May 29, 2015 in Giving Back

Voyage Federal Credit Union celebrated their 75th anniversary on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. The event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn at 5300 South Grand Circle in Sioux Falls as part of VFCU's annual membership meeting.

 “We’re excited to celebrate this milestone with members and friends throughout the community,” said Darla Erb, Voyage Chief Executive Officer.

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Voyage Federal Credit Union does 75 Days of Giving, in celebration of their 75th year!

Posted May 27, 2015 in

To give back to the community that has supported us for 75 years, we decided to give $75 dollars away for 75 Days. 

The event launched on December 9th to end appropriately on May 19th, our 75th Annual meeting. Every day a different organization, local cause, or individual was chosen. The Community Involvement Committee chose causes based on recommendations from the public, both from social media posts and from slips turned in at our branches. The public was encouraged to vote on, comment about, and share the weekly posts offering 3 candidates for giving. The campaign was not only directed by the public but by Voyage employees advocating for their own personal causes and groups.

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Voyage FCU Kicks off 3rd year of Habitat for Humanity!

Posted May 19, 2015 in Giving Back

On Wednesday, May 17th we kicked off our 3rd year of Habitat for Humanity!

For the past couple years we have been joining forces with 6 of our business partners and are very proud and honored to announce

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Less Stiff. More Local.

Posted Apr 07, 2015 in News

You might notice some funny looking people on our latest advertising campaign titled “Less Stiff. More Local” no need to be alarmed they are just mannequins.

Our campaign, which launched this April, is looking to show how many people view major banking institutions as stiff.

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Voyage Launches “75 Days of Giving”!

Posted Mar 04, 2015 in Giving Back

In celebration of our 75th anniversary, Voyage Federal Credit Union has been putting on a series of events that strengthen our core values and give back to the community that has allowed us to thrive.

The first of these 75-day events was a diaper drive that we kicked off after giving

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Financial Freedom Week 9 Recap: Financial Planning

Posted Feb 25, 2015 in News

Most people understand the importance of a yearly physical checkup, but not enough take that same advice when thinking about their finances. A yearly financial evaluation is a great routine to start practicing! First off, are you putting money away? Peter brought up a great point this week that an increasing number of young people are not planning for retirement. A lot of 20 something’s don’t even think about savings.  Something to consider for people who are not putting money away is the rate at which savings will grow over time.  Putting a little asidenow can make all the difference in ten years.  Ten additional years of early savings can end up creating thousands of additional dollars in the account when a person retires.

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Financial Freedom Week 8 Recap: Lending

Posted Feb 25, 2015 in News

Last week we covered common lending terminology and felt that it would be a nice transition to follow up this week with lending. There are dozens of tips, hints and rules when talking about Lending but we tried to pick some areas not normally addressed because for many people they can be sensitive subjects. First off was student debt. This is a huge topic nowadays and our first tip pointed out a simple rule to go by: Never borrow more for college than one expects to earn the first year out of school.

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Financial Freedom Week 7 Recap: Lending Lingo

Posted Feb 17, 2015 in News

Working in a financial institution I frequently forget that many people don’t understand the acronyms and terminology that are used in our industry. This week we dedicated time to break down and define some of those labels and terms that our members are likely to come into contact with.

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Financial Freedom Week 6 Recap: Savings

Posted Feb 02, 2015 in News

In the past weeks we have discussed planning for the New Year by preparing for tax season, creating resolutions that will help us spend less, and opportunities to secure our identities.  The most recent series of tips we have offered at Voyage have centered around the idea of building up savings.  This can provide the sturdy foundation necessary for a secure and prosperous future.

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Financial Freedom Week 5 Recap: Building Credit

Posted Jan 30, 2015 in News

The New Year's Resolution for week five of “75 Days of Financial Freedom” is to help build better credit! We started off by making sure that everyone knew exactly what credit entails. We like to think of credit as a form of trust, and the more (or better score) you have the more lenders will trust you! We covered the strange and backwards sounding topic of “debt to available credit”. This concept can seem like voodoo but basically means an individual wants to have no debt but lots of credit. This demonstrates to lenders that you pay what you owe. The practice that we recommend  is to charge 10-30% of your available credit and pay it off each month.

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Financial Freedom Week 4 Recap: Identity Theft

Posted Jan 16, 2015 in News

The past decade has witnessed huge changes in the routines that make up daily life.  There has probably been more change in the past ten years than in the fifty that preceded them.  Many of the advancements in technology and communication have been positive, but they have also brought with them new and unprecedented challenges. In our fourth topic this week we addressed identity theft, one of the most significant threats to have emerged from advances in communication over the past few years.

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Financial Freedom Week 3 Recap: Tax Preparation

Posted Jan 08, 2015 in News

As we start off the New Year we are thinking about resolutions, taking holiday decorations down, and preparing for the inevitable tax season! Luckily, this last week we have been covering different opportunities, hints, and tips for taxes and how to best deal with them going into 2015.

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Financial Freedom Week 2 Recap: New Technology

Posted Jan 05, 2015 in News

Part of being a comprehensive financial institution is remaining competitive with our technology. With the New Year starting and shopping happening, this past week’s financial focus was perfect to cover the new frontier of technology in banking!

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12 Days of Christmas Giving

Posted Dec 29, 2014 in Giving Back

Starting on Monday the 8th and running through the 23rd Voyage Federal Credit Union did their own version of 12 days of Christmas. Peter, their business services officer joined to kick off the holiday cheer, as they went to the Sioux Falls School

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Financial Freedom-Week 1 Recap

Posted Dec 24, 2014 in Events

Over our first week of financial tips, we focused the discussion around managing money. Even though it’s a broad area there were some very good points. Many of the days covered shopping, which is a perfect topic for this time of year.

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75 Days of Financial Freedom!

Posted Dec 15, 2014 in

To continue our 75th anniversary celebration, we will be kicking off, “75 Days of Financial Freedom”!

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Posted Dec 12, 2014 in Giving Back

Thursday, December 4th a local credit union, Voyage FCU presented a check for $500 to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

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Voyage FCU donates $500 to the Avera McKennan Foundation

Posted Nov 21, 2014 in Giving Back

Voyage Federal Credit Union has participated in raising money for 3 different causes since they kicked off their 75th year in May. The first cause that they took on was partnering with the Avera Foundation in raising money for Breast Cancer research. This year, in addition to sponsoring the Breast Cancer Race, Voyage FCU also added to this engagement by creating

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Voyage FCU donates $500 to Habitat for Humanity

Posted Nov 21, 2014 in Giving Back

Over the past 2 years, Voyage Federal Credit Union has united with six of their business partners: Raven Industries, Avera Hospital, Orion Foods, Volunteers of America-Dakotas, Century Link and Lewis Drug  in volunteering to build homes for Habitat for Humanity. This year, in addition to hundreds

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75 Days of Fur is wrapping up!

Posted Nov 18, 2014 in Giving Back

We had our last on site for our, “75 Days of Fur” at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society Last Saturday! Working the event was Marge, our VP of Operations and our Marketing Coordinator, Molly. Even though it was cold

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75 Days of Fur Continues at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society!

Posted Nov 05, 2014 in Giving Back

“Last Saturday morning, we had our second onsite visit at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society in continuation of the, “75 Days of Fur”. Pat, one of our loan officers, joined Molly,  our marketing coordinator to help take pictures of all the four legged furry friends. Quickly, after we

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Habitat wraps up for the summer with Raven Industries!

Posted Oct 21, 2014 in

After 6 months, I am very proud to announce that we worked over 300 volunteer hours, with our 6 business partners, hammered thousands of nails and served around 200 pizza slices donated by Orion Foods and eaten by over 100 volunteers! It was a great summer and every single group was wonderful to work with!
Last week wasn’t any different

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75 Days of Fur Continues

Posted Oct 15, 2014 in

I cannot believe that this is my job! On Saturday morning, we walked into the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society with lots of anticipation and joy

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75 Days of Fur!

Posted Sep 19, 2014 in Giving Back

We're excited to kickoff 75 days of fundraising efforts for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and we're calling it 75 Days of Fur! 

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Miracle Jeans Day

Posted Sep 12, 2014 in Giving Back

Every year the Credit Unions of the Dakotas have a friendly competition to see who will participate more in raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network event, Miracle Jeans Day.

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#Letsfindaway to Build Homes with Habitat

Posted Aug 22, 2014 in Giving Back

Arriving at the jobsite last night, the rain was still dropping pretty well on my windshield and not showing any signs of letting up. Luckily, one of the homes had a completed garage that was dry and even had a clean set of scaffolding to use as a dinner table. I gathered a couple of the other volunteers to help set out the pizza and cookies that Orion had graciously donated and wheeled the water and other supplies into the area. As we ate, we watched the sky and wished for the rain to let up. Thankfully, it did.

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Habitat Build with Friends

Posted Jul 21, 2014 in Giving Back

This morning was fantastic, not only did I have a few guys from my advertising team at Epicosity but some of my closest girlfriends showed up to help assist building. Also, on the site was the new foreman for Habitat, Scott as well as some yummy apple fritters donated by Orion Foods.


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Habitat Build with Orion Foods

Posted Jul 21, 2014 in Giving Back

After work last Wednesday evening, we headed out to the west side of town for a new home build. As we waited for the Century Link volunteers to show up we set up the the pizza and cookies provided by Orion Foods and got our hashtag wall out for some fast pictures. Quickly, we realized that this could be a South Dakota Summer evening that we had not seen frequently this year with the heat index making a muggy 90 degrees. Promptly everyone arrived and we were then informed to move and to our relief the new site was somewhat shaded area.

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Construction Update

Posted Jul 18, 2014 in News

Please be aware that our main branch is open but we cannot I guarantee street access on Kiwanis avenue due to construction.

For your convenience utilize our other branches, online banking, our mobile app or call banking.

The road construction will be ongoing over the summer and we will give updates as soon as they happen.

Thank you for understanding!

Voyage FCU teams up with Orion Foods for Habitat for Humanity

Posted Jul 07, 2014 in Giving Back

Recently, we teamed up with employees of Orion Foods on another Habitat for Humanity project. Despite challenging weather conditions leading up to the event, the Voyage/Orion team worked on landscaping and fence construction for the new build.


As part of Voyage Federal Credit Union’s ongoing effort to raise money to support local causes, Voyage donated $1 for every photo of the Habitat for Humanity event that was posted on Another dollar was donated each time participants shared their story on the site, and an additional dollar was donated if they shared their story on their own social channels.


This marks the second consecutive year employees from Voyage Federal Credit Union has joined forces with employees from its business partners – Orion Foods, Lewis Drug, Avera, Raven Industries, CenturyLink, and Volunteers of America – to build and renovate homes in support of Habitat for Humanity.

Buckle Up, It’s Car Loan Season!

Posted Jun 04, 2014 in News

After a successful home loan season it is time to switch gears and rev up for the car loan season. (All puns intended)

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75 Days of Diapers

Posted Jun 04, 2014 in Events

This year at our annual meeting we were of course happy to be celebrating our 75th anniversary. So we thought to ourselves, how could we make this monumental anniversary better? How about we give back to our community with a good ol’ fashion diaper drive.

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Home Improvement Giveaways

Posted Jun 03, 2014 in Giving Back

March, April and May are the busiest months of the year for home loans at Voyage Federal Credit Union, so we thought we would spice things up with a Home Improvement Giveaway.

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2014 Voyage Scholarships

Posted Jun 03, 2014 in Giving Back

Voyage Federal Credit Union awarded $1,500 in scholarships at our Annual Meeting help on May 20, 2014. Scholarships were awarded to both graduating high school seniors and undergraduate college students, to help members pursue additional education.

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Voyage and the Habitat for Humanity

Posted May 19, 2014 in Giving Back

For the second year now, Voyage Federal Credit Union has joined forces with six of our business partners to build and renovate homes over the next six months. Volunteers of America and Voyage employees gathered last night at the first of the many Habitat for Humanity projects.

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Celebrating 75 Years As YOUR Credit Union

Posted May 02, 2014 in Events, News

Voyage Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce the 75th anniversary of its organization. To kick off the celebration, we will be at The Hilton Garden Inn on May 20, 2014 here in Sioux Falls as part of its annual membership meeting. The event is open to all members, and we hope to see everyone!

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#LetsFindAWay to _______

Posted May 01, 2014 in Giving Back

There’s more than what you think to Voyage FCU's marketing slogan, “Let’s Find A Way”. For beginners we start with 2014 Avera Race Against Breast Cancer on May 10. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we will be present throughout the year at various community events that support local causes and charities.

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Focusing on wellness

Posted Apr 30, 2014 in News

Voyage Federal Credit Union is no stranger to wellness. Entering its sixth year of committing to healthier living choices for employees, we have received a WORKWELL grant given to organizations to help reduce and prevent chronic disease through workplace wellness.

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