Focusing on wellness

Posted Apr 30, 2014

Voyage Federal Credit Union is no stranger to wellness. Entering its sixth year of committing to healthier living choices for employees, we have received a WORKWELL grant given to organizations to help reduce and prevent chronic disease through workplace wellness.

We’re trying to engage and motivate our employees to take ownership of their health and wellness, while having lots of fun in the process. If you can be happy and live a healthy lifestyle that is the best of both worlds!

Funds from the grant will go toward coaching classes made available to all of our employees. We are also outfitting participating employees with a new Fitbit – an electronic device worn around the wrist to track physical activity and sleeping patterns while monitoring individual wellness goals.

All of us here at Voyage take pride in giving our members value-added service. We want to continue that same philosophy with our own team members by being there for them the way they are for our members.

As part of the WORKWELL program, we will conduct internal challenges designed to increase physical activity and will monitor the success of the program through blood pressure tests, weigh-ins, and ongoing education.

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