Habitat wraps up for the summer with Raven Industries!

Posted Oct 21, 2014

After 6 months, I am very proud to announce that we worked over 300 volunteer hours, with our 6 business partners, hammered thousands of nails and served around 200 pizza slices donated by Orion Foods and eaten by over 100 volunteers! It was a great summer and every single group was wonderful to work with!
Last week wasn’t any different

with our business partners from Raven Industries that met up with us on Wednesday and Saturday. The first group Wednesday evening was split up among smaller jobs ranging from window trim, rock spreading, siding to sealing. One of the best things about Wednesday’s shift was the opportunity to work alongside some of the future home owners and to see their dedication to the project really inspired me and reminded me how grateful we all need to be. There was lots of laughter, nails being missed but still we learned some skills and met new people. The only downer was the sun, which dictated the shortened hours that we were able to work on the houses.

Saturday’s crew had plenty of sunshine! We put in soffit and fascia to finish on the houses as well as foam insulation inside two of the homes. One of the best things about working with Habitat For Humanity was meeting new people and learning new ideas from them. Instead of pizza there were donuts donated from Orion Foods and plenty of smiles! There were lots of joking and laughing had by everyone. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, business partners, habitat employees and community for everything!

Here’s to next year!

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