Less Stiff. More Local.

Posted Apr 07, 2015

You might notice some funny looking people on our latest advertising campaign titled “Less Stiff. More Local” no need to be alarmed they are just mannequins.

Our campaign, which launched this April, is looking to show how many people view major banking institutions as stiff.

We are having fun with the “big banker” stereotype how they treat you as just a number and they only care about profits. When we were trying to cast for this position we thought who is stiffer then an actual mannequin. We then added a fun dialogue that points out the reason people don’t like dealing with big banks.

This is a great way for us to stand out from the crowd and help position ourselves as small, local and approachable.

We know that people have multiple choices when it comes to banking, even a variety of choices when choosing a credit union. We wanted to give people something to remember us by, and why choosing Voyage FCU is the best choice.

Be on the lookout for our “stiff banker” in commercials, billboards, social posts and even some guest appearances at some local events!

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