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Share Certificates

Maximize your savings

It's like a CD at a bank⁠—but with better rates⁠. A Share Certificate can help you save more each month.

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  • Overview

    How it works

    With a Share Certificate, you deposit your money and pick a “term” to leave it untouched. In exchange, we’ll give you a killer interest rate. The minimum deposit is just $500, and we have lots of term options, starting at just three months. With us, it’s easy to save.

    1. Deposit your money
    2. Leave it untouched for a set “term”
    3. Earn big-time interest

    IRA Certificates also available

    For maximum retirement savings, we also offer IRA certificates. You can open one with an ultra-low minimum deposit of just $250 and get started saving big.

  • Rates


    Rates Effective as of: 08-13-2022

    Share certificates

    TermUnder $10,000 $10,000 +
    3 months.65% Div .65% APY.70% Div.70% APY
    6 months .80% Div .80% APY.85% Div.85% APY
    12 months 1.05% Div1.06% APY1.10% Div1.11% APY
    18 months1.30% Div1.31% APY1.35% Div1.36% APY
    24 months1.60% Div1.61% APY1.65% Div1.66% APY
    36 months1.50% Div1.51% APY1.55% Div1.56% APY
    48 months1.70% Div1.71% APY1.75% Div1.76% APY
    60 months1.80% Div1.81% APY1.85% Div1.87% APY

    * $500.00 minimum. Rates are based on qualifications and all rates shown are APY (Annual Percentage Yield) which
    are declared by the Board of Directors and are subject to change. A complete account disclosure is available upon request, and will be provided at account opening.

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Share Certificates and CDs work exactly the same way. Share Certificate is just the credit union name for this type of account. 
    The minimum deposit is $500.

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