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Holiday Club Account

Make the holidays magical

Ring in Christmas right with this special account that helps you save.

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  • Overview

    You’ll love being a holiday hero

    Interested in making the holidays just a little brighter? With money tucked away in advance, you’ll have the freedom to shower your family and friends with those perfect gifts. Simply sign up for this special savings account, make regular deposits, and get your money back just in time for a shopping spree.

    1. Sign up for the holiday club
    2. Set up automatic transfers
    3. Get the money back in your savings–with interest–on November 1st


  • Rates


    Rates Effective as of: 09-25-2020

    Holiday Club

    .15% Div .15% APY $100 & up

    These rates are subject to change. Rates are based on qualifications and all rates shown are APY (Annual Percentage Yield) which
    are declared by the Board of Directors and are subject to change. A complete account disclosure is available upon request, and will
    be provided at account opening.

Your account is just steps away

You can open it right here online and get Christmas savings in high gear.

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