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Member Service Representative, North Branch: Part-time

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A conviction will not automatically bar you from employment, and will be considered only as it relates to the job in question.

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Applicant Statement

The Company does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender/sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability, military/veteran status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.Consistent with the Americans Disabilities Act, applicants may request accommodations needed to participate in the application process.

Background Check

Authorization to Obtain a Consumer Credit Report, Criminal Background Check, and FCRA

Release of Information for Employment Purposes


In considering you for employment and, if you are employed, in considering you for subsequent promotion, assignment, reassignment, retention, or discipline, Voyage Federal Credit Union, may request and rely upon one or more consumer reports or investigative consumer reports about you that we obtain from a consumer reporting agency.

For explanation purposes:

a “consumer report” is a written, oral or other communication of any information by a consumer reporting agency bearing on your credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living which is used or expected to be used or collected in whole or in part for the purpose of serving as a factor in making an employment-related decision about you.Such information may include, for example, credit information, criminal history reports, or driving records; and

b. an “investigative consumer report” is a consumer report in which information on your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living is obtained through personal interviews with your prior employers, neighbors, friends, or associates, or with others who may have knowledge concerning any such items of information.In the event an investigative consumer report is requested about you, you are entitled to additional disclosures regarding the nature and scope of the investigation requested, as well as a written summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).

Under the FCRA, before the Company can obtain a consumer report or investigative consumer report about you for employment purposes, we must have your written authorization.Before we take adverse action on the basis, in whole or in part, of information in that report, you will be provided a copy of that report, the name, address, and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency, and a summary of your rights under the FCRA.


Pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, I hereby authorize Voyage Federal Credit Union and its designated agents and representatives to conduct a comprehensive review of my background through a consumer report and/or an investigative consumer report to be generated for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention as an employee. I understand the scope of the consumer report/investigative consumer report may include, but is not limited to, the following areas: verification of Social Security number; current and previous residences; employment history, including all personnel files; education; references; credit history and reports; criminal history, including records from any criminal justice agency in any or all federal, state or county jurisdictions; birth records; motor vehicle records, including traffic citations and registration; and any other public records.

I, Applicant, authorize the complete release of these records or data pertaining to me which an individual, company, firm, corporation or public agency may have. I understand that I must provide my date of birth to adequately complete said screening and acknowledge that my date of birth will not affect any hiring decisions. I hereby authorize and request any present or former employer, school, police department, financial institution or other persons having personal knowledge of me to furnish Voyage Federal Credit Union or its designated agents with any and all information in their possession regarding me in connection with an application of employment. I am authorizing that a photocopy of this authorization be accepted with the same authority as the original.

I hereby release Voyage Federal Credit Union and its agents, officials, representatives or assigned agencies, including officers, employees or related personnel, both individually and collectively, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind, which may at any time result to me, my heirs, family or associates because of compliance with this authorization and request to release. You may contact me as indicated below. I understand that a copy of this authorization may be given to me at any time, provided I request it in writing.

I understand that, pursuant to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, if any adverse action is to be taken based upon the consumer report, a copy of the report and a summary of the consumer rights will be provided to me.

Please refrain from listing any foreign countries.
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