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Merger Information – First Century Federal Credit Union

Information regarding the proposed merger between First Century Federal Credit Union and Voyage Federal Credit Union.

Press Release

Both First Century FCU and Voyage FCU are well-operated, financially sound, and share a common service culture. We feel that Voyage FCU is the best fit to continue to serve our membership for many, many years to come.

By merging with another credit union, we will be able to focus less on the back-end office requirements and focus our time more on the members that we serve. Voyage FCU has a team of 35 people, with some focusing specifically on IT, Accounting, Marketing, HR, etc. This frees up the time of the member-facing team to ensure quality member service.

We believe merging with Voyage FCU will help our membership grow and remain highly competitive in today’s marketplace. Voyage FCU will help us offer an expanded line of products and services such as:

  1. Expanded mortgage services including
    1. Purchase mortgage financing
    2. Jumbo loans
    3. Construction loans
    4. Lot loans
    5. Bridge loans
    6. Home-equity line of credit (HELOC) loans
  2. Business services
    1. Equipment loans
    2. Commercial real estate loans
    3. Credit cards
    4. Lines of credit
    5. Deposit services
    6. SBA loans
  3. Deposit products
    1. IRAs
    2. Money market accounts
    3. Zelle®
  4. ATM networks
    1. MoneyPass – Approximately 61,000 machines nationwide
    2. COOP – Approximately 30,000 machines nationwide

Our long-time CEO – Jay Meyer Sr., has announced his desire to retire. To ensure continuity of operations while seeking to expand product offerings and improve services, we have been diligently searching to find the best partner for our membership. A merger with Voyage FCU meets the full range of our objectives.

Voyage Federal Credit Union has a continued legacy of personal service, small business, and community support. What began as two separate credit unions, Bell Federal Credit Union and Metz McKennan – with histories dating back to World War II – blossomed into a mutually respectful merger in 2011 that encouraged growth and opportunity both for the credit union and for its members. Our founders of the credit union understood that every person and every business has an individual relationship with finances and that this relationship is a journey.

This same philosophy has remained through the merger and is infused into every aspect of Voyage Federal Credit Union.

Since 2011, Voyage has since doubled its footprint on the financial market with an additional merger with Good Samaritan Federal Credit Union in 2021 and has grown to more than $180 million in assets. The profits of which are all shared among its valued members. Our staff at Voyage works hard to remain present for the people who trust us with their money. We are a credit union founded and run on those small-town-type principles of solid work ethic, relationship building, and community involvement.

Our goals at Voyage Federal Credit Union are to empower our members – by thoroughly informing and educating them – as well as preparing and guiding them for the journey ahead. Voyage is in the business of service and servant leadership. We do this by wholeheartedly working to meet the needs of our members however we can.

You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your money as you watch your finances, portfolio, and your life experiences grow. Our top concern at Voyage Federal Credit Union is the satisfaction and success of our members and our family, and we are well on our way to endless exploring, endless journeying forward, and endless growth together. It is our hope that you will advance, grow, and go with us as we empower you on your financial journey.

Access to more products and services. Explore the Voyage website to learn more!

Yes! All First Century FCU team members have expressed a desire to continue with Voyage FCU. They will be a critical part of continuing to serve the current field of membership.

Both credit unions are financially sound with net worth ratios that exceed regulatory requirements. This is not an ‘acquisition’ like a bank. The board of Directors of First Century FCU has agreed to merge with Voyage FCU as they believe the partnership will bring greater value to you, the members.

YES! The First Century FCU branch will remain open. Voyage FCU also has three conveniently located branches throughout the Sioux Falls Area with an additional branch in Vermillion, SD. Online and mobile banking, and an extensive ATM network, with MoneyPass and COOP machines all over the United States, help to ensure you can access your money anywhere you go.

You will not have to do anything, your accounts will transfer to Voyage FCU.

Your membership and account number(s) will remain the same for the vast majority of members.

There should be no change to your accounts during the merger.

Your accounts will remain insured by the NCUA.

Yes! Your account at Voyage FCU is federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.

Yes, Voyage FCU is committed to its members and the communities they live in. For local sponsorship or donation requests please reach out to

Stay tuned for a more accurate timeline pending approval from the NCUA.

If you have additional questions you can reach out to Voyage Federal Credit Union at 605.338.2533 or