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Voyage Federal Credit Union
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Voyage Federal Credit Union
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Business Line of Credit

The capital to help you scale

Get your business the funds to go after expansion projects, make unexpected payments, and scale for your next big client.

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  • Overview

    Bring in Financial Backup

    The success of your business depends on your ability to seize the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that come your way. With a business line of credit, you’ve got the reserve of funds to go after the next golden opportunity or dodge an unexpected financial speed bump. Once the line of credit is open, you can withdraw funds at any time. You won’t pay interest on anything you don’t use.

    1. A financial reserve to maneuver your business
    2. Borrow only what you need
    3. Pay interest only on what you borrow


    Local Business Power

    We understand the local market, so we think about your business just like you do, offering excellent service and locally-informed decision making.

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Yes, most of our loans come with optional, low-cost payment protection. If you purchase this option, then we will forgive or significantly reduce your loan balance if disability or death prevents you from paying it. 

Funding the next phase of your business

Apply and get approved today, and you'll have access to extra funds whenever you need them.

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