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Machinery & Equipment Loan

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You've got the skills to start your business. Don't let lack of equipment hold you back.

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  • Overview

    Products Don’t Grow On Trees

    Well, maybe if you’re a fruit farmer. Even if you are, you will still need a tractor and ladders to run an orchard. That can get expensive. Be ready for harvest season. Whatever your business venture, we’re here to help you get equipped for success.

    1. Local lending
    2. Low, fixed rates
    3. No application fees



  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Yes, most of our loans come with optional, low-cost payment protection. If you purchase this option, then we will forgive or significantly reduce your loan balance if disability or death prevents you from paying it. 
    Yes. We have the following options available for auto-payments:
    • From your Voyage account: You can enroll via online banking or give us a call to set up the payment for you.
    • From an external account: You can use the LoanPay link above to schedule a recurring payment. Or give us a call to set up the payment for you.
    • Payroll deduction: We can work with your employer to set up a payroll deduction to credit your loan. Give us a call for more information.


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