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In-branch Services

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Have a more complicated transaction coming up? From wire transfers to free notaries, we've got you covered.

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  • Expect the best

    At Voyage, you should expect every kind of service you might find at a big bank, but with a far more personal touch. We can handle complicated money transfers and transactions, and help you with important legal documents as well. Best of all, we’ll do it all with a smile and a ready-for-anything attitude.

    1. Wire transfers, money orders, and cashier’s checks
    2. Free notary services
    3. Coin counting machine


Find a branch near you

All of our branches provide a full range of money transfer services. If you need our coin counting machine, it can be found at both our Main & Dawley Farm branches.

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. All of our branch lobbies are open to the public. Please maintain social distancing if you choose to visit us in person!