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International Travels: 7 Countries that Pay You to Visit

As summer is nearing, and countries around the world start to open their doors to tourism, it’s time to start planning your next international travels in our new post-COVID-19 world.

Did you know that some countries are actually paying tourists to visit once the COVID pandemic is over? Do you have big-budgeted international destinations on your bucket list? Now is your chance. Check out 7 countries that offer deeply discounted packages to get you there.

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Italy was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. To support its economy, Sicily, a beach destination in Italy is ready to reimburse 50% of the tourist airfare. If this isn’t attractive enough, you can grab a free one-night hotel stay in this beautiful location. Moreover, you can visit some of Sicily’s museums and tourist destinations for free.



Imagine lounging by the beautiful beaches of Bulgaria after a long year of at-home social distancing. The authorities have offered to open some of its private beaches for free. In addition, the country is covering your expenses for sunbeds, sun loungers, and beach tables. With all these expenses taken care of, Bulgaria is definitely a great deal that you shouldn’t miss for international travels.

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Cyprus is offering quite an interesting deal to attract tourists to visit the country. The government will pay for your vacation (accommodation, food, medication, etc.) for free if you get the virus while visiting the country. The visitors will need to show a testing certificate and will need to use a mask all the time.


Cancun, Mexico

The most loved Mexico vacation site has launched the “Come to Cancun 2X1” special to attract tourists coming to their beaches and fancy hotels. The deal offers you a free night in one of their lovely properties if you book for two nights. This means, if you stay for 3 nights, you only need to pay for 2.

Moreover, you can get a refund for the travel ticket to fly with one companion. You also would have the chance to win their social media giveaway which would earn you a lifetime travel certificate to Cancun.



In response to the huge hit to the tourism industry, Japan has decided to inject about $12.5 billion by subsidizing half of your travel expenses. The program covers a range of travel expenses, discounts, and vouchers to attract tourists. When you make the bookings through Japanese travel agencies or directly get in touch with hotels and ryokan inns, you are eligible for these subsidiaries. You can get up to $212/day in discounts and vouchers that you can spend in local shops and restaurants.


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The United Kingdom

We have kept the best for the last. England is very famous for its castles and historic buildings, royal families, its English breakfast and tea breaks. VisitBritain’s initiative has been launched by the government to pay visitors flying to the UK. The country will primarily sponsor the tourists who are choosing the UK as their post-COVID-19 travel destination.


And there you have it! 7 awesome countries that will pay you to visit. These financial packages offered by some of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet are too good to be missed. Open your Voyage Credit Card today and start collecting reward points for your international travels to these amazing countries.